Enjoy golfing with meticulous purchase of gold carts

Buying golf carts is always a little daunting, as we have limited knowledge or ideas on purchasing such vehicles. Thus, it is important to know about different golf carts before you finalizing purchasing a product. Good golf carts come with a lot of features or facilities. Basically, golf carts can be divided into two sections, based on their methods of fuel consumption. The first type is gasoline based golf cart, and the second type is electric golf cart. They have their own unique pros and cons. You need to opt for golf carts for sale Mobile Al, as per those pros and cons.

When it comes to gasoline based golf carts, there are a few prominent advantages. The major advantage is that these golf carts come with excellent engine capacity and performance. Gasoline golf cart engines are designed to provide heavy duty and durable services. On the other hand, electric powered golf carts come with a light engine which is not really designed to cater heavy duty performances. Gasoline golf carts are sized larger than the electric ones. This also helps those who want to use golf carts for carrying various goods.

The major benefit of electric golfing cart is that it is cost-effective. You need to spend very little in maintenance of these golf carts. Moreover, they come with cozy design to accommodate your goods or golfing equipment safely. The best technique to find a good golf cart is choosing a product from branded manufacturer. For example, Yamaha golf carts are generally by preferred by a lot of people for the performances of the vehicles that are catered by this manufacturer. Yamaha is a trusted brand for manufacturing golf carts. It provides both gasoline and electric golf carts. At the same time, it comes with a lot of new or innovative ranges of products.

If you are seeking contemporary golf cart repair Mobile Al, choosing Yamaha golf carts would be an excellent idea. Make sure that you purchase products from the reputed or trustworthy dealers. Professional dealers come with good ranges of products, and they may also offer used golf carts and proficient repairing services for golf carts.


A Comparison between Electric and Gas Golf Cart

Buying a golf cart is common thing for those, who have passion in golfing. Golf is a growingly popular sport and thus demands for golfing equipments as well as golf carts are rising consistently. For golf carts for sale mobile AL, several things are required to be kept in mind. However, the most important thing is to know the types of golf carts and purchasing the right type of vehicle. Based on fuel consumption, gold carts can be divided into two types. One type is electric golf cart and the other type is gas gold cart. Both of them are widely sold in the marketplaces.

So, which one is more suitable for you? Which one is more convenient to be bought? Here is a comparison between electric and gas golf cart.


Electric golf cart needs battery for running. Batteries are required to be charged. Once charged, you can run the cart for 3-4 hours easily. More specifically, you can move 12-15 miles, after fully charging the batteries. One drawback is that efficiency of batteries gets lowered with the advent of time. They tend to give lesser backups. For gas gold cart, no such drawbacks can be found. They can give more mileage than electric golf carts. You can travel around 200 miles, once you have made gas tank full.


Both types of golf carts are good for traveling around. They can carry maximum 2-3 persons. They can easily bear loads of the golfing equipments and other stuffs. However, if you check carefully, you shall find gas powered golf carts have more powerful engines than electrical golf carts. Thus, gas powered carts can carry higher loads. They can also bear with wear and tear. Electric golf carts seem to be a little fragile or delicate.


When it comes to making expenses for maintenance of golf carts, choosing gas powered carts is always considered as costly affair. You need to change oil, refill gas, etc. Electric golf carts run with charging time to time. If you are looking for golf carts for sale Baldwin County, it will definitely be a lesser expensive option for you.