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Pascagoula golf carts at your doorstep

Golf is classy; the charm of twisting your body and putting that ball in a hole faraway (no dirty puns intended) cannot be matched by any other sport. If you are looking for golf carts in Pascagoula Cart Dr. is the place to be. They provide cart facility for easy campus transportation but golf carts are not only for golfers! It has been seen that people in general like going around in golf carts just to have fun. Be it grandpas with their grandchildren or parents with their toddlers. You can get one too even if you are not a golfer.

Over the past few years people’s interest in golf carts has only risen. Golf carts are now being used for campus tours, transportation during football games and medical centers. Now is an even better time to avail this facility because Cart Dr. has offered golf carts for sale Pascagoula.

The family business which originally started small has now partnered with the University of south Alabama and Springhill Medical centre and taken their business to the next level. The owners are dedicated family people who care a lot about their relationship with the dealers. The business has one of the strongest bases in Mobile, Alabama but now their reputation has spread beyond that. But that doesn’t mean that they have forgotten their Mobile community; they provide excellent golf cart repair Mobile Al service.

Together with Springhill and USA Medical Centre, Cart Dr. provides all the communication facilities. Not only that, the team of Cart Dr. is engaged in various philanthropic works as well. They have recently designed a customized cart for the October Breast Cancer awareness walk in downtown Mobile.

You can check out Cart Dr’s photo gallery and find out for yourself the range of carts and cars they are offering. They provide golf cart maintenance and repair, sell and trade in golf carts, and even provide rentals. Cart Dr. mainly specializes in used golf carts of different models and designs. Yamaha golf cars are another of their specialization area; they are the only Yamaha golf car dealers in Mobile, Alabama. Their customization skill is also quite commendable; they will make your carts according to your personal style and demands. They can provide for all kinds of golf cart necessities; from modifying them to accessorizing them according to your needs. They can attach golf cart tires for all terrains and also add golf cart rims.

Golf carts are like mini-cars that will help you get different works easily done. Any kind of household work where you feel like you are spending more energy in just moving around rather than actually doing the work or if you have a not-so-small backyard to prune, clean and maintain, nothing can be better than a golf cart. They also give you the necessary weather protection for outdoor work, besides helping you save energy and mobility.

So get your golf cart today, especially when such a discount is being given!